Responsible Training for Reasonable Canadians

Protect yourself and your family. 


Any responsible person contemplating the use of a firearm in defensive situations requires specific knowledge, skills and abilities in order to make an informed decision. Mistakes made by those with inadequate training have created an illusion that self-defence is not permitted in Canada. This is both wrong and dangerous.


CAPS, the Canadian Academy of Practical Shooting, offers a training program designed to bring students to a level where they are competent to handle a firearm in a defensive situation, have critical knowledge of the law and the judgment skills to make the split-second decisions required in deadly-force encounters. 

P.O. Box 667 Thetford Mines,

Quebec G6G 5V1


Toll Free: 1-866-559-8591

Tel: 514-696-8591
Fax: 514-696-2348


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