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The lack of solid factual information available to the civilian population has made self-defence in Canada more akin to alchemy than the natural right that it is and always has been.


My goal is to present the truth needed to make informed decisions when it comes to the use of a firearm for defensive purposes and lay bare the consequences of doing so.


This knowledge is as essential for the general public as it is for the armed guard, police officer or their families.  Through this book I hope to inform, enlighten and in many ways correct the misconceptions of those who believe that defending themselves and their families is a necessity and a duty.


Everyone wants to do the “right thing” but to do so everyone needs to know what the “right thing” and the “best thing” actually are. They are not always the same. I truly believe that without proper information and training, well-meaning individuals get into situations where lives are needlessly ruined or lost.

Since the 1980’s I’ve offered the same use of force training that I give to Armed Guards and Police Officers to anyone the Canadian Government allows to own a firearm. It is my belief that every legally licensed gun-owner needs to know what they can and can’t do with a firearm in those situations where they may need it most. While firearms are strictly controlled in Canada, knowledge is not.

This book delivers the core content of my courses on the highly contentious topic of use of force and firearms. This is the information that gun control bureaucrats, police administrators, politicians and anti-gunners don’t want you to have. They would rather keep you in the dark, living like mushrooms, convinced that you can’t use a firearm to defend yourself under any circumstances than have you survive otherwise un-survivable confrontations.

I am not a lawyer and as such, the content of this book is for informational purposes only and should definitely not be taken as legal advice. Anyone contemplating the use of firearms for self-protection should consult a lawyer beforehand. However, this book should be the starting point in the discussion you have with that lawyer and hopefully benefit you both by supplying information on use of force decision-making and the dynamics of deadly confrontation that goes well beyond the scope of law school classes and most police academies.


My purpose is simple: to keep you safe and alive, out of prison and in possession of your firearms. 

Dave Young,  March 2018

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