Responsible Training for Reasonable Canadians

CAPS Use of Force Training
2-Day $ 400.00


The theory and legal aspects regarding the use of force, defensive mindset, awareness, threat evaluation, relevant firearms laws and defensive planning are central to the Use of Force Program. Theory covers the human dynamics of confrontation and the essential issue of reaction time. Threat analysis and after the fact articulation and justification of the use of force are major issues that are discussed in detail. 


The program makes extensive use of the CAPS DVD judgment training system as a teaching aid and culminates in putting your defensive shooting skills to the test. Facing life-size humans on the CAPS system's screen you prove your ability to properly assess dangerous situations and deliver gunfire when and where necessary.


You may already be fast and accurate with a powerful gun but in a self-defence situation you must also be right.


At the end of this program the student will have proven decision-making abilities and receive a certificate that attests to their skill and understanding of the proper use of force with a firearm. 


Requirements for CAPS Use of Force Training:


- A valid Restricted Possession & Acquisition Licence.

- Students should bring paper and pens for note taking.


Please note:


This training is conducted exclusively in a classroom environment with "non-firearms" supplied by CAPS Inc. and not at a shooting range. As such, do not bring any firearms or ammunition to this course . 


Video cameras and sound recorders are not permitted in the classroom.

CAPS Practical Shooting 101 Training
2-Day $ 400.00


Students will learn to draw from a holster and engage targets at distances out to 10 yards. 


Topics include the five basics of practical shooting; Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Trigger Control and Follow Through as well as:


- Loading, speed reloading and unloading.

- The draw.

- Ready positions.

- Single shot draws.

- Multi-shot strings.

- Precision shooting.

- Speed shooting.

- Stoppage reduction.

- 1-hand shooting (dominant & support hand).

- Qualification course of fire.


Requirements for CAPS Practical Shooting 101 Training:


- A Restricted Possession & Acquisition Licence

- A handgun, 9mm or larger caliber  (no race guns, no optics)

- A rigid belt 

- A strong-side belt holster 

- Magazine/speedloader pouches

- Minimum of 3 magazines or 4 speedloaders

- 500 rounds of quality ammunition (no steel jackets or steel core)


The following safety equipment is required:


A baseball cap, quality eye and ear protection, high collar shirt snugly fitting at the waist and cuffs. Pants that allow movement with loops adequate to accept the student's gun-belt.

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