"When it comes to self-defense with a firearm in Canada there are few reliable sources of information and even fewer qualified individuals who can properly train us for an event we hope will never happen. Dave’s program fills this need."


Shawn Bevins, Past Executive Vice-President, Canada's National Firearms Association

"Having been personally involved in an encounter which required my use of a firearm for self defence, I can tell you with certainty, that the more skills and knowledge you have in your toolbox from which to draw, the better you are for it.


CAPS courses provide you with the necessary tools enabling you to properly analyze, understand and judge which use of force level is required, based on the circumstances you are presented. Every situation has its own set of parameters and CAPS training will provide you with the skills needed to evaluate any given encounter.


Whenever you respond to a situation whereby you may be required to use a firearm for the protection of life, you will most likely be faced with legal, emotional and financial repercussions. CAPS provides you with a firm foundation from which to build in this litigious environment."


Ian Thomson, Port Colborne, ON


Responsible Training for Reasonable Canadians

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